About Taxco

Taxco has a long history as the center of the Mexican silver industry and jewelry design. Many designers became very well known in the early to mid 20th century... the Renaissance Age of Mexican jewelry making. Even famous Hollywood stars would travel to purchase jewelry from their favorite designers during this golden age. (Many of the designers themselves were not from Mexico, but immigrated there to start their businesses in the epicenter of silver jewelry making at the time)  


Many of the young tradesmen and masters who worked for the designers in the original workshops are still alive (now in their golden years), and are guardians of the old techniques and designs. Some have taught the next generation of artisans the old techniques, and in fact some of the old shop masters are still making jewelry themselves just as they did more than 50 years ago, carrying on the traditions of the long gone, but clearly not forgotten designers.


The jewelry that we source and sell here all comes from this tradition. All of the jewelry is still forged, shaped, and finished by hand. And all of the items are made in small workshops hidden in the magical hills of Taxco.


Check out this nice skyview of Taxco: